The Goods and Services Tax has taken over the Indian market and the US based tech giant has slashed the retail prices of its product portfolio which includes its iPhones, Macs and iPads for the Indian market. However the tech giant Apple, is yet to make an announcement that the price slash of up to 7.2 percent is based on the new implementation by the government. The new GST rule has mentioned that smartphones will be uniformly taxed at 12 percent while they were initially taxed between 8 to 20 percent and the rate depended on different states.

The iPhone SE with 32 GB storage will begin from Rs. 26,000 with a discount of Rs. 1,200 while the 128 GB model will be available for Rs. 35,000 after a discount of Rs. 2,200. The popular iPhone 6S model 32 GB has been priced at Rs. 46,900 while the 128 GB version has been priced at Rs. 55,900. The bigger iPhone 6S Plus 32 GB will now be available for Rs. 56,100 and the 128 GB Storage version has been priced at Rs. 65,000.

The biggest discount is being offered on the iPhone 7 Plus which will be available after a discount of Rs. 6,600 for the 128 GB version. The flagship phone will be available for Rs. 85,400. The iPhone 7 Plus 128 GB version was launched in the Indian market at Rs. 92,000.

On the other hand the iPhone 7’s 32 GB variant is available at Rs. 56,200 while the 128 GB variant is available for Rs. 65,200. The 256 GB variant of the phone is available for Rs. 74,400.

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