Instant messaging giant WhatsApp has been in the news in recent times for the new features that it is expected to release. There were reports that the messaging service will launch the recall and revoke feature on its stable version. The recall feature has been found on the Beta version of WhatsApp on Windows Phone which has indicated that there are chances that the company might soon rollout the feature on the regular version.

The recall feature allows the users to edit or recall the message that has been sent. This works by long pressing the message that has been sent. However, the feature will only work if the recipient has not seen the message that has been sent. At present the users on WhatsApp delete the messages on the device but the deleted message can be visible to the recipient.

A trend has been noticed that the new WhatsApp feature arrives last on the Windows Phones when compared to the Android and iOS devices. But the recent reports have claimed that the Beta version on the Windows Phone has the much awaited feature. Some of the leaked screen shots have revealed about the new feature but it does not show how the feature works.

The pictures however show that the latest Beta version of the Windows Phone has the Learn More button for the recall feature. Currently, the recall feature has been disabled on the Beta version and is expected to be introduced in the next major update. Another new feature which has surfaced is the select multiple chat feature to the app which allows the users to perform the tasks like mute/enable, pin/unpin notifications. The new features are expected to be launched in 2017.

Photo Credits: trak


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