Internet Sensation Dhinchak Pooja became famous for being very bad at what she called as singing. The initial response was bad but she picked up fame with a number of videos posted by her. However, suddenly most of the content of Dhinchak Pooja vanished from the Internet. Just one of her videos is available on her page on YouTube and the ones which are missing includes the popular video Selfie Maine Leli Aaj (I have taken a selfie today) which had about 20 million views has also vanished.

However, it is still not clear as to why the videos have been taken down and the missing videos has made Dhinchak Pooja once again famous. When the users click on her Facebook page, it shows a message that the video is no more available. Many reports have claimed that the videos have been taken down due to copyright claimed by a person called as Kathappa Singh.

Such reports have also become a source of laughter as the name sounds similar to one of the popular characters from a blockbuster film. Many have predicted that as the Delhi police are investigating the video Dilon Ka Shooter as it featured Pooja without a helmet. On the other hand the video Dilon Ka Shooter is the only video which is available on her channel.

The incident has become one of the most trending topics on the internet and many followers of Dhinchak Pooja are talking about it. Dhinchak Pooja became popular for her songs which were never in tune or in tempo. Pooja was compared to the YouTube sensation in the US Rebecca Black. The singer was also compared to the Pakistani internet sensation Taher Shah. Bollywood singer Sonu Nigam has also demonstrated his version of the song Dilon Ka Shooter in a video.

Photo Credits: indiatimes