Internet Addiction

Teenagers in China are slowly being gripped by internet addiction. To deal with the condition, various addiction institutions have been established which help such teenagers with tech addictions. However, such institutions are known for their controversial nature for being harsh. A Chinese teenager lost his life in just 48 hours of his admission to the addiction institute.

Reports say that the 18 year old has got a number of injuries on his body and the director of the centre along with the staff members have been held by the police. There has been an increase in the number of such institutions in recent times which aim to treat internet as well as gaming addictions. Some of them follow military discipline and have also been criticized for their harsh practices.

The latest incident happened in Anhui, where the mother of the teenager Liu said that her son developed some series addiction ton internet and that her husband and she were not able to control. The parents of the teenager then decided to sent their son to an internet addiction centre. Liu dropped her son on August 3, 2017 and two days later the parents got a call from the centre that their son was taken to the hospital where he breathed his last. The cause of the death of the teenager has not been ruled out so far.

The parents say that they were told by the doctors that their son’s body had 20 external injuries and many internal injuries as well. Mrs. Liu while talking to the reporters said, “My son’s body was completely covered with scars, from top to toe… When I sent my son to the centre he was still fine, how could he have died within 48 hours?” The recent incident has called for strict regulations for such addictions centres. Despite such incidences the addiction centres continue to be popular in China.

Photo Credits: cbsnews