Delhi’s air quality has always been the victim of smog since years during the Hindu Festival of Diwali celebrated in India every year. The Apex Court in India has banned firecrackers in the capital during the festival time, which marks the biggest Indian celebrated in the country.

The court explained that it wanted to give a try if banning fireworks would help and make a difference to the air quality in Delhi. Delhi’s air quality is currently ranked among the worst in the world. Sale and distribution of crackers will be banned till November 1, 2017 and the festival of Diwali begins from October 17, 2017.

The festival celebrates the victory of light over darkness. The order by Supreme Court came after several petitions asking for the ban of crackers. The ban was first ordered in November 2016 before it was temporarily lifted in September 2016. At that time the court had said that imposing a complete ban would mean an extreme step. Even the Central Pollution Board of India said that it wanted the ban to be restored. However, the order does not prohibit bursting of crackers which means people who have stock from the previous year can use crackers. But the ban on sale intends to reduce the use of firecrackers in Delhi and the surrounding areas.

In 2016, the possession, selling and sticking of crackers were banned only after Diwali, at a time when the city’s air quality had reached to hazardous levels. The government of Delhi was forced to shut down the schools for three to four days due to smog. In the past several campaigns were launched by NGOs and private firms to spread awareness about not using crackers during Diwali, but they could not prove to be successful. A spokesperson from the Delhi Police said that they will also start prosecuting the people who violate.

Photo Credits: Hindustan times