Air Asia

Airbus A320, Air Asia flight was forced to return back to Australia after the pilots were warned about loss of cabin pressure. The flight QZ535 had taken off for the Indonesian island of Bali but had to return back after 25 minutes of take-off on October 15, 2017. The flight was carrying 151 people on board made a safe landing at the Perth Airport.

Air Asia in a statement said that it had experienced technical issues but the Australia media said that the flight was losing altitude. One of the passengers while talking to a leading daily narrated the incident and said, “We were all pretty much saying goodbye to each other. It was really upsetting”.

Even a video was taken during the flight, which was broadcasted by the local media. The video had shown oxygen masks hanging from the ceiling and one person can be heard shouting passengers get down, passengers get down. Another passenger added that the panic was started by one of the airline staff, who was screaming and was also in tears. Air Aisa in a statement said that it was completely committed towards the safety of the passengers and did not talk about the incident in detail.

The statement added, “AirAsia apologises to passengers for any inconvenience caused”. This isn’t the first incident when the flight had to return. In June, 2017 an Air Asia flight had to return back to Perth which was on its way to Bali. There was a problem in the engine as it was shaking like a washing machine. Even in December 2014, one of the Air Asia flight had crashed in the Java Sea. The incident killed 162 people on the flight after the rudder control system of the aircraft malfunctioned during the flight.

Photo Credits: Air Asia