Japan is one of the most volcanically active nations and is located at the fault like which is also known as the Ring of Fire at the edge of the Pacific Ocean. A 49 year old man died and ten others were injured during a volcano eruption near the popular Japanese ski resort at Kusatsu. The volcanic eruption shot flaming rocks in the sky with an eruption of 2.160 meter at about 10 am local time on January 23, 2018.

The man who was killed by the flaming rocks was a member of the Self Defense Force of Japan. The deceased was killed while practicing in a training exercise on the mountain at the time of eruption. The incident also injured 10 other people at the event out of which three have been injured severely. Five of the injured were SDF personnel. More than 80 other people were trapped at the cable car station on the top of Kokusai Ski resort due to a power cut.

The police said that the people trapped at the cable car station were slowly transported down by the firefighters. The JMA also issued a level three alert for the Kusatsu Shirane Volcano on January 23, 2018 indicating that the residents should not approach the volcano. Level 5 is the highest level of the warning by the authority when the residents need to evacuate immediately.

People have been prohibited to enter around the crater for two kilometers and have also told the residents to be looking out for any fallout from the volcano.

Photo Credits: cloudfront