Kiki Challenge

The Kiki challenge has caused a lot of trouble and risk of life across the globe. A tourist posted a video while performing the Kiki challenge on a Pakistani flight. However, the Kiki challenge by the tourist brought trouble for the Pakistan International Airlines from the National Accountability Bureau. Eva zu Beck a Polish tourist was the one who performed the popular challenge inside an aircraft with a Pakistani flag.

The tourist was also seen sporting a dark green outfit that was similar to that of the National flag of Pakistan. The video was posted online by the tourist on her personal blog. Even the airlines posted a tweet stating that they intend to celebrate the independence day of Pakistan in a new way. The official handle of the PIA wrote, “Eva zu Beck from Poland/England is a Global Citizen travelling around the world, but now her heart is set on Pakistan! She has been exploring Pakistan flying #PIA. She will be celebrating Independence Day in a style never before attempted in the world! Stay tuned for updates”.

However, the promotional video soon became viral but soon the anti-graft body NAB, which is the country’s highest ordered a probe against the PIA and added that the incident brought disgrace to the flag and was an abuse of the power. After all the attention the incident got, the video has been taken down and the tourist also posted an apology video. Eva zu Beck wrote on Facebook, “Hi everyone. Quick announcement to explain what happened with the PIA Kiki Challenge video. And of course I’ll continue to explore all the beauty of Pakistan”.

The Kiki challenge which has become popular across the globe, the performer usually jumps out of a moving car and dances to the rapper Drake’s song In My Feelings with the signature steps. The challenge has invited a lot of criticisms across the globe.

Photo Credits: Travel wire news