Jet airways

Oxygen masks came down on a Jet Airways Flight that took off from Mumbai to Jaipur on September 20, 2018. The passengers experienced some petrifying moments on the flight as some felt dizzy while some passengers were bleeding from the noses. The flight had 166 passengers on board and had to turn back shortly after it took off for Jaipur. The Jet Airways flight had to turn back due to a huge error that led to a drop in the cabin pressure.

More than 30 passengers had complained of nose- bleed while many other complained of headaches. Reports say that the crew on flight 9W 697 had forgot to flick a switch that helps to regulate the cabin air pressure. One of the passengers had to be taken to the hospital by Jet Airways official. The airline in a statement expressed regret over the incident and added that its cockpit crew had been taken off scheduled duties with an investigation pending.

A report is demanded by the civil aviation ministry on the incident. The Boeing 737 aircraft landed and the passengers were taken to the airport terminal where the doctors administered first aid. According to the aviation regulator Directorate General of Civil Aviation, the incident is being investigated by the Aircraft Accident Investigation Bureau. A DGCA officer said, “During the climb, the crew forgot to select a bleed switch due to which cabin pressure could not be maintained”. One of the passengers even tweeted a video of the moment when the oxygen masks had dropped from the overhead compartments and people could be seen looking tense.

On the other hand the Jet Airways spokesperson said that the flight has been organized for the passengers. The Aircraft Accident Investigation Bureau officer said that it could be a case of negligence as the pilots are expected to apply the correct cabin air pressure settings before taking off. The procedure is a part of the pre-flight checks.

Photo Credits: PTC Punjabi Canada