Authorities in Bahrain, which is a sovereign state in the Persian Gulf, has ordered all the schools and nurseries in the country to remain closed for the next two weeks. The education ministry of the country has ordered the schools and nurseries to be shut down due to the ongoing coronavirus scare. Starting from February 26, 2020 the private kindergartens and schools in Bahrain will be closed for two weeks after 9 confirmed cases of coronavirus were reported and has brought the total number to 17.

The new cases that have been found are linked to Iran. The authorities have said that the people who are infected had travelled from the Islamic Republic to Bahrain and had come from Dubai or the United Arab Emirates. The patients who were infected were taken to Ibrahim Khalil Kano health Centre in Manama, which is the second largest city in Bahrain. China is the epicenter of coronavirus and is slowly spreading to the Middle East. As the virus is slowly spreading to the Middle East countries, the government is taking measures to control the spread.

The authorities have set up screening facilities at the airports and have also suspended flights from Dubai and Sharjah Airport in the UAE for the next 48 hours. The health authorities have explained that the schools have been shut down as a precautionary measure. One of the confirmed cases was a bus driver who had arrived from Iran on February 21, 2020. It was only a few days before he started to show symptoms like flu which are also symptoms of coronavirus. By the time it was confirmed, the driver had already dropped children at two of the schools and one kindergarten.

The incident forced the authorities to screen all the children who had taken the bus and their families. Outside China, Iran is one of the most affected country in terms of coronavirus and the death toll has increased to 15 as of February 25, 2020.

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