The entire globe is currently living under fear of the ongoing coronavirus scare. The threat is more in the Asian countries as it originated in the Wuhan province in China in December 2019. Since then the virus has managed to travel to other Asian countries like Thailand, Bangkok, Japan, United Arab Emirates and India. A state of panic has started to build up as the number of confirmed cases are rising steadily. The World health Organization (WHO) has declared it as a global emergency. The Indian capital of New Delhi has just confirmed four cases who have tested positive for COVID-19 (coronavirus) but added that they will recover on their own.

Health experts have said that people who have been groped with the virus need not to panic as they will recover on their own. One of the health experts in India, Gagandeep Kang has recommended that people should get the testing done only after it has been recommended by a medical practitioner. Experts are appealing that people should inform the public health authorities about any kind of exposure to the virus if they have traveled abroad and have a meaningful doubt about them being infected.

At present all the treatments for the virus are not curative but are only supportive. Experts have also assured that four out of five people who are infected will get well on their own and will not need nothing more than drugs which are used to treat cold and flu. The fifth person might have to see the doctor or will have to be hospitalized. Kang has advised that people who have breathing difficulty should immediately see a doctor.

Overall, experts have opined that there is no need to worry or panic as many people are exposed to viruses everyday. People need to take a few precautions like washing hands frequently, keeping a hand sanitizer handy, avoid contact with people who have flu like symptoms, avoid touching your face with contaminated hands, avoid visiting public places and keep your immunity strong by eating healthy.

Photo Credits: Pixabay