great wall

China is the epicenter of the coronavirus and had a tough time dealing with it since December 2019. After being shutdown for two months for tourists, the Badaling section of the popular Great Wall of China was reopened on March 24, 2020. The popular tourist attraction was closed due to the coronavirus outbreak. But sadly, on the first day when it was reopened, one of the visitors was caught on camera while defacing the iconic site with a key. The news spread like wild fire in China and left the Chinese citizens angry.

On Twitter the hashtag #Great Wall vandalized the first day it reopened went viral on the internet and started trending on Weibo, which is the popular search micro blogging site in China. One of the users argued how could such incidences happen repeatedly while another said that people with such a behavior should be arrested and locked away for days together as a lesson. While looking at the rage among the citizens of China, the Great Wall Office has come up with a few disciplinary measures against vandalism which has begun from April 6, 2020. The measures state that strict administrative penalties will be levied on vandalism which has been recognized in seven types towards the cultural relics. It also includes carvings and intentional damage.

The tourists who misbehave, their names will be added to a blacklist that will be announced to the public on a regular basis. This will help to increase the awareness and will also put a pressure on the tourists to remain under discipline. The recognized offenders will face restriction when they will try to buy tickets for the Great Wall in future. Some of the officials have also said that the tourists who are blacklisted would be banned from entering other tourist attractions in the district.

The new regulations and measures have been appreciated by people on the internet and social media.

Photo Credits: Pixabay