imran khan

Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan had got himself tested for coronavirus after he had come in to contact with a person who had tested positive. The Pakistan Prime Minister got himself tested on April 22, 2020 and his tests reports have turned out negative and the news was confirmed by the officials. The focal person on COVID-19 Faisal Sultan said that he got himself tested after Faisal Edhi, the son of Pakistani philanthropist Abdul Sattar Edhi and chairman of the Edhi Foundation had tested positive for the virus.

Edhi had visited Imran Khan last week in Islamabad and had handed over a cheque for 10 million to PKR to the Prime Minister for the coronavirus relief fund. According to the National Institute of Health official, the Standard Operating Procedures requires all the contacts of the confirmed COVID-19 patient should be tested. The official added that any person who has talked to a confirmed COVID-19 patient for 15 minutes in a closed room or has stood at a distance with less than six feet has been termed as a ‘contact’.

The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in Pakistan has gone up to 10,500 and 220 death have been reported so far. Prime Minister Imran Khan had earlier declared that it will not be possible for him to implement a lockdown in the country as they do not have any means to support the people in their country.

Pakistan was recently also in news when it had received an aid from China, who had sent masks for the medical staff. But later it had turned out that the masks that were provided by the Chinese government were made of used undergarments. Coronavirus originated in the Wuhan city in China and from there is had spread to other countries. Wuhan government recently lifted the lockdown from the city which resulted in an exodus of people who were stuck from various other cities in China.

Photo Credits: Imran Khan official Instagram account