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China has been a subject of criticism in recent times after the deadly coronavirus originated from the country and it also delayed to pass some important information about the new virus the World Health Organization. While many countries, especially America heavily criticized that WHO took sides of China and did not warn the world early enough about the new virus that had already spread to other countries. This is when the Remove China Apps application surfaced on the Play Store. It gained popularity particularly in India but has now been pulled out from the app store by Google.

The application was downloaded more than 5 million times in India and soon started trending. The application allows to easily delete the applications which have been developed by Chinese firms. Reports say that the application has been pulled back from marquee app store of Android as it violated the Deceptive Behaviour Policy of Google Play Store. The policy in question says that the application is not allows to make changes in the device settings of the users.

It is not even allowed to make any changes on the features outside of the app without the knowledge of the users or their consent. The policy also particularly mentions that any app should not incentivize or encourage the users to remove any of the third party apps. The controversial application was developed by an Indian firm OneTouch AppLabs and became popular due to the recent anti-China emotions that are doing the rounds in the country.

Tensions between the two countries have escalated in recent times due to the Himalayan border dispute. In recent times, many of the celebrities have also encouraged to delete the applications that are made by the Chinese firms and encourage usage of applications which are made by Indian firms instead. If such a situation continues in India, then this could be a bad sign for the Chinese firms who largely depend on trade with India.

Photo Credits: Techcrunch


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