COVID-19 mutated versions are creating deep concerns and it seems like the third wave has already given a knock on the door. The restrictions were eased post the second wave, but now the Delta variant has become a cause of concern. Fast food giant McDonald’s is making it mandatory for all its customers and staff to wear masks. The mask-wearing mandate is being reinstated at a number of locations in the United States that have high transmission rates of COVID-19.

The fresh mask mandate has been announced about a week after the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention changed the virus guidelines and has a new recommendation. People who are fully vaccinated will need to wear masks indoors in the areas where the Delta variant is prevalent. The new policy by McDonald’s applies to people who are fully vaccinated. After the fresh guidelines by the CDC, many other companies in the US have also started to issue fresh guidelines and are reinstating the mask wearing policy.

It was just last week when Apple reinstated the mask policy for the customers and the employees at nearly half of its stores in the United States. Some of the other companies like Facebook, Twitter, Uber, Netflix and Google have also adopted some kind of vaccine mandate as the number of infections continue to rise across the nation. The government of the US had recently dropped the mask mandate for people who were fully vaccinated.

Vaccination drives are on in full swing across the globe, but there continues to remain a community that does not continue to refuse to get their jabs. This is happening due to a number of false reports that circulate on the internet and are not supported by any studies. There are also countries where many people are refusing vaccines due to political reasons. Such countries could soon have to discard the unused vials of the vaccine after they are expired.

Photo Credits: Pixabay