The Delta variant of the coronavirus has causing a threat to a number of cities across the globe. 59 new cases of the Delta variant have been identified in the last 24 hours in another city in southeastern China. The number has now doubled to a total of 102. Al these are in the Fujian province on the east coast of China. 33 cases have been confirmed in the past two days in the port city of Xiamen.

The outbreak was first in Putian about 150 kilometers north on the coast. Xiamen has been put under lockdown after the cities in the neighborhood shut down entertainment and fitness venues and cancelled the group activities that included the much awaited Mid-Autumn Festival holiday. Even the long-distance bus services that travel to other parts of the province have been suspended.

China has been able to deal with the massive spread of the COVID-19 but it continues to deal with timely outbreaks. The delta variant outbreak started off in the month of July and August and has managed to spread to other provinces. The spread has increased the concerns regarding the new and more contagious variants. The Delta variant is reportedly the most dangerous and even more contagious than the previous variants and has forced a number of nations across the globe to impose restrictions.

The COVID-19 pandemic started off in December 2019 in Wuhan China and spread across all the nations across the world. Different countries had their own ways of imposing lockdowns. Majority of nations went in to complete lockdowns as a safety measure that affected, businesses and the travel sector. Majority of the airlines and businesses continue to struggle to get back to the pre-pandemic phase. The countries like India, United States and Italy were among the nations that faced a major crisis and maximum number of infections. However, the rollout of the vaccines across the globe has managed to bring some relief and hope.

Photo Credits: Pixabay