Asia Bizz: World’s Most Expensive Car ‘Bugatti Veyron 16.4’ Is Officially On Sale In India

The world’s most expensive car the ‘Bugatti Veyron 16.4’ is now officially on sale in India, and the car has a price tag of Rs. 16 Crore. This the benchmark in cars and automobile manufacturing, as nothing can exceed this vehicle, it looks flaunt, breath taking and seems as it has been sculptured by Michaelangelo himself. This is the most expensive car in India today, as it even shatters the price of India’s main battle tank, the T-90, which is costs $2.23 million.

The car would be sold under the Volkswagen Group India. It pumps out a massive 1001 bhp, and clocks 407 kmph as a top speed. It is said that only 150 cars would be made and sold world wide, as a matter of fact this German car manufacturer aimed India because of the number of billionaires residing here.

Bugatti CEO Julius Kruta commented on Indian and said “India is the hub of luxury, the country of the erstwhile Maharajas, who were the true patrons of bespoke luxury”. India has a history of having luxury in the country and indeed Bugatti is not new in India, as the Maharajah’s did have some old classic Bugatti’s of their own during the yesteryears.

India is a country where hundreds of millionaires are produced every year, and in total India has 69 billionaires and this year we have added 17 more to it. Now with such a financial superpower hidden in India, it seems Volkswagen has found the right place and the right time to launch it’s benchmark vehicle in South Asia.