There was chaos on the first day of the new Maharashtra assembly Monday when Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) legislators roughed up Samajwadi Party member Abu Asim Azmi for taking the oath of office in Hindi.


As Azmi started to take his oath in Hindi, several MNS members plunge on him and pushed him aside. Legislator Ramesh Banjle uprooted the microphone from the podium.

As Azmi attempted to save himself, MNS member Ram Kadam slapped him and hit him on the face and chest, shocking the 288-member house that had converged for the oath-taking ceremony.

The House was adjourned for 30 minutes as the pandemonium continued and soon after that MNS MLA Ram Kadam slapped Azmi.

Chief Minister Ashok Chavan and Energy Minister Ajit Pawar tried to restore calm in the House.


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