Asia Bizz: In yet another blow to Honda Motors, more than 700,000 vehicles will be recalled globally. The reason of this recall is said to have been due a series of faulty parts in the engine, which usually causes the vehicles to stall; and in addition to this, there are starting problems also being reported from various places. As per Honda, the models which have been affected in the recall are Freed, Fit and also the City sedan.

Some 170,000 Freed minivans have been recalled from Japan alone and the rest from other parts of the world especially Asia. Honda has a massive market in China and India, and these are the countries which are witnessing the largest recall of Honda cars.

It is a huge impact on the Japanese car makers image, for stalling issues have been reported in Toyota and it has suffered for it greatly. The last recall took place in the month of December last year, where some 1.3 million cars were recalled including a huge chunk of Fit hatchbacks.


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