After launching the world’s cheapest car, Ratan Tata, Chairman, Tata Group, has embarked on a new journey — one that looks to provide the world’s most affordable safe drinking water purifier i.e “Tata Swach”.

TATA Swach.preview

‘Tata Swach’ is a unique and innovative water purifier. Its  Require no energy or running water to operate, the replaceable filter-based product, which is entirely portable and based on low-cost natural ingredients, delivers safe drinking water at a new market benchmark of Rs30 per month for a family of five.

Rs 100 crore over the next five years, that’s what the Tata Group’s new initiative — making the world’s most affordable water purifier — will cost it. With very thin margins, the group is betting on volumes to make its latest product — Tata Swach — a success. Over the next five years, the group aims to make safe drinking water available and affordable to 3 million households across India.
Tata Swatch comes after years of collaboration between Tata companies like TCS, Tata Chemicals, and Titan. The technology is based on low-cost natural ingredients like rice, husk, and ash, and uses nano technology to make it efficient.

Tata Group has already set up a plant in Haldia with a capacity of one million units, with the potential to scale this capacity up by another one million units in three months. The product will be available at two price points — one at Rs 749, and one at Rs 999. The company says the product will mean a family of five can get drinking water for as little as Rs 30 per month.

TATA Swach Price in India : The new TATA Swach water purifier will cost around Rs.1,000.The purifier will cost Rs.749 and its Catridge with cleaning material will cost Rs.299 .


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