Asia Bizz : Hong Kong, one of the most busiest and commercially important region in Asia, has developed strongly during the year 2010, for the economy of the city has grown by 6.8%. Financial Chief of Hong Kong, John Tsang has said the recovery of the economy and growth has been moving at a very fast pace, in fact better than expected.

Exports from the coastal city has gone up by 17.3%, and is considered to be higher than even expected, especially taking the global economic condition into consideration. Employment and consumer consumption has increased accordingly, making a strong statement, that this little nation is able to achieve what many major economies in Asia are striving hard for.

Good business deals throughout the year, basically a good move after the recession period, and lucrative deals for many multi national organizations has helped the Hong Kong achieve a lot during the year 2010. Jobs have increased in the city and employment is not an issue today, as it is in China, but experts state, Hong Kong has still a long way to go.


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