Asia Bizz: Indian auto giant Mahindra & Mahindra have already launched another vehicle in the SUV segment at a cheaper cost. In its Scorpio series, M& M had introduced the new EX which is Rs. 41,000 cheaper than the LX version of Scorpio.

Reports state that the EX version does not have many additional features compared to the LX. The features that are void in the EX version include the audio controls in the steering, rain and light sensors, cruise control and air bags. It just has all the basic features of the a standard SUV and runs in the older version of the diesel engine.

But the EX is reportedly 60 percent more powerful than the LX, and does not include the feature of power windows as well as central locking. The question arises that why did the company come up with an SUV at a cheaper cost, when it lacks so many features.

With regards to this issue, the company stated that it has targeted college-goers this time, who have deeper pockets and wish to have the SUV for the space that it provides. The Senior vice president of marketing Vivek Nayer had said that they had found that the majority of the fan base of the Scorpio between the age of 18 to 25, had said that they would have brought a Scorpio if it was available at a lower price.


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