Asia Bizz: Its happening yet again! Another Japanese car manufacturer, Honda Motors, is reportedly recalling 962,000 vehicles from the global market and it has stated that there are issues with the power windows and a certain computer equipment malfunction which needs to be fixed. Honda’s City models will see a recall in India. But the good news is that till date, there have been no reports of a fatal or serious accidents due to the mentioned problems in the vehicles.

Around $16.8 million will be spent by the Japanese automotive giant in recalling the vehicles in Japan; the cost it would incur in other countries has not been disclosed by officials. When we talk about the effects on the company and the country, it’s quite obvious that the nation is yet to resurface from the backlash of the massive earthquake and tsunami disaster earlier this year; irrespective of the fact that the Yen is pouncing against the dollar, the Japanese economy is still taking a severe beating.

The models to be recalled include 936,000 Honda Fit, CR-V and City vehicles and the reason is  faulty power windows. The recall shall take effect in Japan, China, Europe and US. There were complaints by Honda customers regarding slight finger burns after touching overheated window buttons in their cars.

That’s no the end of Honda’s recall worries. In India, Honda announced on Monday that it will recall 72,115 units of its City vehicles, manufactured between 2005 and 2007, in order to fix a faulty power window switch. Even though there have been no complaints till date, the Japanese car company has decided to go ahead with the recall as a safety measure.

In related news, the company saw dip of 4.7% in its share value as the market closed on Monday.


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