Asia Bizz: German based auto giant Audi will be showing off their three new models in the upcoming Auto Expo that is expected to take place in Delhi, India,. The Indian unit of Audi will be showcasing their new Q series SUVs, e-tron series A3 sedan and S6 limousine sports model at the Expo that would kick start from the 5th January 2012.

With the launch of the three new cars in the market, the company is expecting to take over all its leading competitors. Already Audi is dominating the sales that in India, beating rivals Mercedes Benz and BMW.

The head of the Audi India, Michael Perschke, said that with the advancement in the technology, the Indian market has now become one of the leading markets in the world. Perschke added that the Indian market is now counted among the leagues of USA and China.

Perschke also affirmed that keeping in mind the bigger potential, the company would showcase some new vehicles and technologies and also new options for the customers. Perschke also added that they plan to maintain their sales growth in the upcoming year too. Audi revealed that they aim with a target sales of at least 5,000 units. The company is now planning a lot more, keeping in mind the potentiality of the Indian market.