Asia Bizz: The Wi-Fi users in India have been alerted by Indian computer security analysts for possible virus attacks. The virus attacks can also crash and hack the secure networks in the Asian nation.

The national agency of the country, also known as the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team, has recently found that the Wi-Fi Protected setup has a design error which can allow the defence system to be attacked by a possible attack.

The attacker can get an unauthorised access which is also known as the brute force attack. In computer terminology, the brute force attack is used to crack and quietly enter the encrypted password protected system.

The WPS is a popular way to set up a new wireless router for a home network. One of the computer security analysts with a government agency said that the virus is streaming in the Indian internet networks with high severity and that the combat mechanisms are now required. An unauthenticated attacker can easily get access to the wireless access point by using the PIN to gain the unauthorised access. The CERT-In also said that failed attempts to exploit the vulnerability can lead to the denial of the service condition. The agency also warned that the current reports indicate that some WPS devices do not implement any kind of lockout policy for the brute force attempts.