Asia Bizz: The netizens in China are discussing the rising prices of the popular Starbucks Coffee. The Seattle-based coffee chain has increased the prices of its beverages in 500 of its Mainland China stores on January 31, 2012.

The coffee drinks, as well as one of its chocolate ones, are now costlier by 1 to 3 yuan so as to offset the operational costs. The information was given in a post from the company at the popular Chinese micro-blogging site on Tuesday.

The post of the company has become so popular and it has already been circulated more than 13, 000 times with more than 2,200 comments. The netizens are at large criticizing the increased costs of Starbucks coffees.

On the other hand, despite receiving several complaints about the increased prices, the sales of the beverages at Beijing have not been affected. One of the employees said that he did not observe any changes in the number of customers since the price hike went on in to affect. Customers who come regularly still spend money on the coffee despite the increased prices. Starbuck claims that the price hike is the first in five years in its mainland stores. The coffee chain even increased the prices in California as well as south Florida.