Reliance Communications (“RCOM”), India’s largest integrated communication services provider and iseemedia Inc., a leading provider of messaging and content handling technology, today announced the launch of a ground-breaking SMS-based email service across Reliance  GSM and CDMA wireless network in India, serving more than 92 million subscribers.


This Iseemedia’s Push Mail Solution which is known as “iSeeMail” will enable every mobile handset (including base level or entry handsets) to act as a smart phone enabling the user to check, download and retrieve email messages. The iSeeMail solution is architected to utilize any available interface for providing full access to emails. This unique multi-modal approach offers subscribers to access emails using multiple interfaces such as SMS, MMS, WAP/XHTML and OMA-EMN. The iseemail platform supports virtually all email systems through standard POP3, IMAP4, EAS and WebDAV protocols. It therefore provides accesses to enterprise and consumer emails from Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, AOL, Hotmail and others. Being client-less with all the features, the iSeeMail solution makes almost any device behave like a smart phone.

Reliance Mobile’s ground-breaking SMS-based Push email service now available to Reliance GSM and CDMA subscribers across India at the fixed monthly service charges of Rs.30 and a usage tariff of 0.50 paise per SMS sent by subscribers.


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