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Nicholas F

Chief Editor – nick@asiabizz.com

He is a Business student and has a keen eye on market trends and changes in the financial sector. But apart form this, he also happens to be a big geek at heart and is a major football fan. His favorite soccer team is Arsenal. In his free time, you can see him strumming away on his Ebanez, or reading Finance related papers. Interesting combination, don’t you think?


Sharjil S

Editor – sharjil@asiabizz.com

Having studied management, his knowledge of current affairs is his strong point. He loves cricket and good food and is the mastermind behind the newest releases that you get from AsiaBizz. He also loves gadgets and is a self-proclaimed advanced ‘geek’. Sharjil loves trekking and travelling, and hopes to climb the Himalayas one day!


Editor – sam@asiabizz.com

He is the youngest of all and is an athlete. Quite understandably, he loves sports as well as music and cars. Sam is loves music and even plays for a few rock bands. He is also a big fan of inter-cultural traditions and hopes to write his own journal about his experiences travelling the world.

We also have 3 new writers on the AsiaBizz.com team:

Freddie – He’s one of our financial whiz-kids who loves his gadgets and bikes.

Daniel – His area of expertise is Politics and Current Affairs and he hopes to be a part of the United Nations someday. He has traveled to several Asian countries and passionately analyzes the economic developments of the nations he visits.

Zia – A huge fan of cricket, Zia is our chief sports reporter who covers the games that are making news across Asia.

Contributing Editor (anita@asiabizz.com)
A dedicated reporter for over 3 years, her specialty includes gadgets and politics. A lawyer by profession, she loves Web 2.0, Bollywood and K-pop.

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